Scheduled Release: 2024

Making your Terraform modules compliance-ready

Fix audit gaps in advance using SOC2, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and CIS compliance-ready Terraform configurations.



Frequently asked questions answered

What is is a web service/SaaS that acts as a proxy service for Terraform modules. It validates and updates the Terraform configs to enforce compliance controls (e.g., security controls for PCI DSS compliance).

Who is behind

We are building it on top of the experience we gained during 7+ years of building and maintaining open-source Terraform AWS modules that were provisioned more than 500 million times worldwide.

Why should I use

We help companies by providing Terraform modules automatically prepared according to the controls required by the compliance frameworks of your choice. We have done it already and can ship it as native Terraform modules. Also, there is no lock-in.

We want companies to make it impossible to create incompliant infrastructure resources using our solutions.

Why did we do it?

Using the solutions by, we aim to help companies create a significantly better (and more secure) infrastructure based on well-maintained Terraform AWS modules, even if you're not planning to get a compliance review.

We start with what we know very well - Terraform AWS modules, with support for any Terraform modules coming shortly.